Project Management is the art of balancing competing objectives, managing risk and overcoming constraints to deliver successfully a product, which meets the needs of both clients and the users. We employ mature project management processes, techniques, tools and people, thus providing a management framework required to execute a wide range of project types.
Our Software Project Management processes forms:
  A framework for managing software-intensive projects
  Practical guidelines for planning, staffing, executing, and monitoring projects
  A framework for managing risk
Our project management methodology enables, manages and supports the complete project lifecycle.
  Initial Scope Identification, Estimations, Contract, Resource Planning and team build up, formal project kickoff
  Establishing the overall project structure, standards, expectations, team and approach
Establishing blueprint of project execution including detailed scheduling, communication planning, scope management, time management, risk planning, configuration planning, quality & test planning.
Enabling the project to remain focused by managing and monitoring day to day tasks, scope, issues, quality, progress, metrics, QA reviews.
  Ensuring the completion of the project in an orderly fashion, as per the client specifications, project scope, time and cost
  Formal Project/Phase closure after user acceptance and conducting project retrospectives