Due to extensive growth of smartphone users and rising health consciousness among people mobile applications have gained enormous significance in healthcare industry. The solutions developed by Neosynergy Systems Pvt. Ltd. connect patients with right medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals. We bring excellence and uniqueness by bringing together technologies like cloud, mobile, business intelligence, internet of things and deliver impactful solutions. The mobility solutions provided by us to healthcare industry professionals enable clients get personal assistance, track health progress and furthermore enhance patient and healthcare professional interaction.

Electronic Health Records
NSPL helps healthcare IT companies build easy-to-use patient records with powerful features so that providers can easily asses a problem list, demographic data and vital information about patients’ immunizations and allergies. For patients, NSPL implements patient-facing portals to access their health information (i.e. diagnostic test results, etc.) or request prescription refills. NSPL helps to enhance the efficiency of communication between healthcare providers and patients.
Practice management
NSPL Healthcare team has solid experience in developing practice management solutions that automate most important processes, including appointment scheduling, task management and patient check-in. We help improve operational efficiency with fewer resources and cost-effectively grow the patients base.
Appointment Scheduling
NSPL is skilled in creating solutions that support medical organizations’ sophisticated scheduling and booking algorithms for multiple locations and enable users to book their own appointments effortlessly with double (and even triple) booking, with built-in instant schedule optimization.
Task Management
NSPL has broad experience in building Task Management Softwares that help clients organize the business workflow. Different advanced scenarios, such as automatic task generation, approvals, staged document reviews and co-management, can be implemented with NSPL help.
Patient Check-In
NSPL’S experience includes building web and mobile check-in apps for patients to enter their own data prior to the appointment help to improve the accuracy of data and reduce the administrative workload of the medical staff.
Medical reporting systems
NSPL has vast experience in building report systems for the healthcare industry, which include:

  Clinical reports
  Patient related reports
  Financial and payment reports
  Quality measurement reports

By building comprehensive reporting systems for our clients, we help healthcare professionals to save time and increase efficiency. Years of experience in building reports and developing custom reporting engines ensure software with seamless performance in real time presented in a friendly format, accessible from anywhere.