Managing menu, cost, employees, invoicing and billing now so easy..

This software helps catering professionals to cost, plan, monitor and order for a quality kitchen operation. This software can be used to manage client events, employee time cards, invoicing, and billing.


  • Facility to add user details,user such as admin,waiter,manager,stock manage etc.
  • Facility to add ingredient category.
  • Add ingredient item details.
  • Facility to add staff category.
  • Register staff details.
  • Facility to add laundry details.
  • Master can add cylinder detail.
  • Master can add menu card details.
  • Register customer details.


  • Register vendor details.
  • Facility to add purchase items details.
  • Issue ingredient to order.
  • Issue staff to a particular order.
  • Issue cylinder to order.
  • Issue laundry to order.
  • Facility to add loss item detail of order.
  • Facility to manage return ingredient in stock .
  • View report of return stock.
  • Show report of loss stock.
  • Show balance of stock details.
  • Show purchase order details.


  • Add order detail of particular date and time.
  • And generate bill of order.


  • Add payment /received payment details.
  • Show purchase account information.
  • Show issue account information.
  • Show report of loss item information.
  • Show order information.
  • Add advance payment of staff.


  • User details report.
  • Ingredient category report.
  • Ingredient report.
  • Item details report.

  Inventory Report

  • Vendor detail report.
  • Purchase item details report.
  • Item issue to order report.
  • Staff issue report.
  • Cylinder issue report.
  • Laundry issue report.
  • Loss stock report.
  • Stock balance report.

  Order Report

  • Customer order report.

  Accounts Report

  • Purchase account report.
  • Issue account report.
  • Report loss accounts report.
  • Report return account report.
  • Credit balance report.
  • Outstanding report.
  • Profit and loss report.
  • Payment instalment report.