Education industry worldwide experiencing rapid changes, because of multiple factors like rising technologies, increasing popularity and demand for mobile phones, easy internet access, social networking sites, etc. These are giving incredible opportunities for Education industry to flourish.

We at Neosynergy Systems Pvt. Ltd. provide services that helps educational institutions and education industries address all needs, and help you maintain and improve education system, and stay compliant with regulations and age-groups.

We develop portals, applications, online learning software, student management software, alumni management software which offers adaptability and comfort for learning. Our services in education industry and e-learning cloud solutions are customized to enhance learning experience and empower teachers, operational agility and efficiency, development and improvement in research.

Our range of services for Education Industry include,

Content Development Services

  • Content and Media Development and Deployment Services
  • Customizable Platform Development
  • e-Learning Software Development
  • Developing assignments, question banks, tests questions, etc.

Analytics and Tracking Services

  • Data Tracking and Usage
  • Big Data Development and Implementation
  • Personalized Learning Services
  • Data Visualization

Mobility Solutions

  • Responsive Content
  • Support for devices and content formats
  • Content Enhancement for New Devices
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Content Usage and Availability.

API Integration

  • Custom Integration Building
  • Custom Teacher’s Platform
  • Performance and Functional Testing API Integration

Website Design and Development

  • Content and Media Development and Deployment Services
  • Custom Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • e-Learning Portal Development