Web is full of information and knowledge and there are many ways to retrieve. Web portal is one of the easy and resourceful modes that offer various resources and services such as e-mail, forums, search engines and online shopping that help portal users to interact with individuals and groups spread over the internet. Web portal is the website that could be personal or enterprise portals are also available to feed the online world with information related to different fields.
NeoSynergy Systems offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for their clients. The Portal Development Solutions are offered according to customized needs of clients, to various industry verticals such as
  Job portal Development India
  Entertainment Portal Development
  B2B portal development
  B2C portal development
  E-commerce Portal
  Shopping Cart Portal Development
  Enterprise Portals
  Corporate Intranet Portals
  Online Travel Portal
  JOB Site Web Portal
  Knowledge Portal Development

Enterprise portals or websites:

An enterprise portal is web-based interface for users of enterprise applications, corporate databases and systems. Enterprise portals use to help the organization to supply the desired information to public. It is easiest way to interact on business issues with targeted segment available in the mass, related to particular business or industry. Enterprise portals help to market company products and services to worldwide audience.

Community Portal Development:

Organization's business objective is to establish and increase regular interaction with customers, generate market awareness for company brands. Translation of relationships into e-Commerce opportunities are achieved with a community portal. Based on the requirements, community portal can be broad-based / horizontal or vertical portals.

E-Marketplace Portal Development:

NeoSynergy Systems builds e-market places that bring together buyers and sellers to trade on internet, facilitating inter-business transactions, multi-vendor catalog, bid/quote exchange, and auctions. Built using a choice of leading B2B platforms, NeoSynergy Systems’s customized solutions manage every aspect of building and operating e-marketplaces.

Enterprise Portal Development:

In order to retain the competitiveness today's enterprises have to provide the business information to its employees, suppliers, partners and customers, which make the emergence of enterprise portals. Enterprise portals provide the second generation of intranet technologies offering fundamentals like search, information taxonomy and news related to the enterprise.

Portal Development:

Intranets are like the Internet but access to the facilities is restricted to one company or organization. It provides your employees with a wide range of internal information including HR documents, company reports, memos, research papers, company news, client information, etc. Data is exchanged within your company only, protected from the outside world.

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